The void of mediocre

So I’ve done loads of missions, I’ve lost loads of ships, I’ve done minding etc etc etc.

Now. I feel like, and I might be wrong I’m in a void of mediocre. I’ve been in game about 2 months, in that time I’ve worked out a lot of stuff and I’m still learning but I would really like to have a kitted out ship that can win at PVP and even some PVE, I want to have an awesome ship with lots of power. I dream of hitting a big gate full of nasties and having more than a chance of beating them. But really, I think I’ve got a while of training or I go buy lots of skill injectors (which is very tempting but VERY expensive). I’m in a good corp, no I’m in a great corp but I feel a bit like I can’t join in because I simply don’t have anything big enough. Or even kitted out.

On the good side I now have a bunch of friends all over the world, I was mining with a guy from Russia the other night we had a great chat :-). Anyway I’m going to get some advice from my Corp about getting a really good ship.

Dear CCP, please can you bridge the gap between the beginner who dies all the time and someone who survives low sec. Or maybe I’m just being impatient?

Now where are those mining drones?



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