Money for nothing and the drinks are free

So when I’m AFK there is a safe way to make ISK in EVE.


Mining with 2 Hobgoblin II drones to protect you. It’s fun and rewarding as even if you go for a walk and you’ve filled your hold. Rats will come and attack you and be quickly seen off by the Hobgoblins which means you are making ISK while you sleep.

On another topic my skill points are such now that I have a TALOS half fitted out and it’s up to 400DPS which might not seem like a lot to you big people but to someone new like me it’s A LOT. I’m used to running around with about 100DPS.

Bit of an explanation:- rats – small Eve generated ships that attack peoples. DPS – Damage Per Second (I’m guessing) that basically means the higher this is the more damage you can do in a shorter time.

In this image you can see me not doing anything and letting my little mining ship having a good mine. Happy Days, I’ve got a bigger mining ship but I can’t use it yet due to lack of skill points…. it’s on the way in the next couple of days.

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