Mission Accomplished

So I’ve completed two sets of military missions. I’ve got a pile of teeny ships as a reward and a load of loot I’ve sold on the market.

What’s nice is because I can use level II drones it’s a kind of “Target and get a cuppa” arrangement as the enemies in the PVE missions are well, a bit weak and easy to kill when one has level II Hobgoblins.

My ship only has 138 DPS but it seems to be an easy match. However, I do think that in PVP I will be pretty quickly wiped out.

One thing I learned that I SHOULD have learned early on is CTRL CLICK on the list to target, right clicking and hitting target, although not to slow is a bit painful, I think I’m going to spend some time working on learning command kids rather than clicking with the mouse. Much neater, the only downside is on my Macbook Pro I have to hold down FN to use the  function keys.

I managed on one of these missions to find some interesting dishes. Not sure what they are tracking exactly but good fun for someone I guess.

Anyway as I’ve done both basic and advanced Military perhaps I should move on to something else. The only problem being I do get mildly bored with mining but I can’t really have a good PVP fight until I’ve trained enough skills, which is quite frustrating, however I ALWAYS have skills training all the time 24/7. That way I can increase my chances of being able to run a certain tool or weapon in game.

Fly Safe o7

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