Mining Away

So wholesale jerseys with my chicken and caesar salad sandwich I thought I’d setup a little Hello mining this afternoon. Managed to mine some Veldspar before a scout appeared to try and get me but I warped off (luckily). One of these days I’ll find a way to be left alone in Eve while I make ISK, we like ISK.

Here’s my little Venture, her name is Valerie, having RENDEZVOUS a good old go at a big rock. Managed to get 373.493 ISK (less 7000 odd in tax) worth of stuff before the Scout started showing interest. Thanks so much Sirene Chaos for your purchase.


Not bad for not a long time’s mining, I’m looking now for getting the mining drones going although it seems that most people put nice weapon drones in, I can run some quite big drones so I’m wondering about going that way.

Mining – fun, but don’t leave your mining ship alone and go for a cup of tea, because those cheap NFL jerseys scouts will come and get you.

Update a bit later, thanks to google, I got rid of the mining drones and fitted a couple of hobgoblins I, along came the rat (scout) and the hobgoblins completely destroyed him, I just carried on mining with hardly any damage to my ship…easy money, cheap MLB jerseys time for a cuppa!

Filled up my hold again, sold the stuff then realised Soomaaliya? I’d left my Hobgoblins out in space, try to reconnect to them, WiFi they are not there, so if anyone finds a couple of Knipphals lost hobgoblin’s please return them to me, thanks.

So, today I learned (and didn’t have my ship destroyed), that I can potter around the universe and do mining with wholesale MLB jerseys a couple of little August drones for company. 🙂 Made quite a lot of ISK, happiness!


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