Learning as we go.

So today I discovered there are Offices for rent in Eve online. Immediately I imagined that you could get out of your ship in some kind of structure, wander around and walk into your virtual office, sit at your desk and squeeze your virtual Eve stress ball.

But you can’t. 🙁 For many years I’ve been in something called Second Life. It, like Eve is a sandbox game. The difference in Second Life ofcourse is your an actually build stuff yourself, not manufacture things from a predefined blueprint, but actually BUILD stuff, in Second Life, you could build a space station, including all the rooms in it, desks, office furniture etc, and then, if you want, blow it up.

But Second Life doesn’t have the same graphics as Eve, Eve is, in my opinion a beautiful game. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. What if, Eve became more, “Second Life” like, in the sense of giving people the freedom to import ships they had designed on Blender or some other 3d modelling package? What if you could dock at a station and rent an office that you could actually go and sit down in. What if, instead of attacking a station with ships, you could infiltrate it from within? What if you could take a station without actually blowing it up?

Anyway back to my Eve game play, well, it’s been pretty much nothing, I’ve been collecting a few bits, yes, but  I’m waiting for training to happen….. and it’s slow…. tediously slow…., I want to do PVP but I just don’t have the skills to fit the weapons I need… PVE has got kind of boring, mining is basically fly ship to rock, drill, collect stuff while your drones attack the rats, fly back to station sell stuff and repeat, it’s a bit like washing up.

I actually tried to get my ship to the corp station that I’m in, but got blown up on the way. So I’ve given that idea up till I can fit some more serious weapons, almost all of the PVP fit outs I simply can’t fit yet.  I also discovered a better map setting for avoiding gate bitches that is “Average Pilots in space for the last 30 minutes”.

More pilots = higher likely hood of danger. Anyway 21st September this year all my training will be done so far. But in the next 5 days I will be able to fit the weapons I want to use YAY!

I dream of the day I actually get someone in PVP…. maybe soon….

On another topic, bad is good in Eve I noticed having read a very interesting article about someone who ran a PONZI scheme (Illegal in RL) in Eve and made a fortune in ISK. Ofcourse CCP did nothing about it, why would they? It would be interfering with a free market, I kind of like this idea. I have been trying to think up a few scams of my own to get ISK but then as a person it would make me feel bad. If only I was heartless. This my friends is why you cannot technically take real money out of ISK, simply because some of it is ill gotten gains from scams that would be highly illegal in real life. Second Life came unstuck with this, they used to have casinos on every street corner, but the FEDs in the USA shut them down. Shame really as I’d written some pretty great gambling machine scripts.

There are people ofcourse selling in game stuff for real money, like Eve Giga, there’s a few on eBay as well.

Fly safe !

Pictures from my travels will be added later.




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