I’m still here.

So I’ve not posted here for AGES. That’s NOT because I’ve not been in EVE, because I have, but I have taken a lot of time to do a lot of training of my character and learning.

I have seen the amazing crowning of the Empress.  I’ve seen the new Alphas coming online with all their questions, that I used to ask. One in fact obviously got blown up and said “My ship has become an egg, have I gone up a level”. Which obviously shows that the person is used to a kind of “Level” based game, whereas EVE doesn’t work like that. You can shape your personality and character specifically towards certain roles or tasks.

One of the most annoying things was the Crop I’m in decided to run away from the Citadel I was storing all my toys in. I managed to get most of the stuff out. But when you’re in Null sec hauling freighters is a dangerous game. Ok, I could have got the fleet to help but I don’t really want to be a bother for a pile of space junk I collected when fighting Rats.

I have now taken to flying to a random planet/safepoint from gates even in High Sec, with the arrival of CODE and other players who have no regard for security status and just kill anything anywhere. Managed to completely avoid some warp bubbles doing this. Ha!

I’ve also been practicing more Solo PVP against other fleets. I’ve had a number of different styles of ships. Those with a low range seem to do very badly when up against ships that can just keep out of the way unless you have some serious drones. So I’m still working on that. I’m going to go have a chat with the General from my fleet today, just an email explains what I’ve been up to and asking if I can try out in a fleet.

Anyway a huge welcome to the “Alpacas” who have joined the game recently. You have a LOT and I mean a LOT to learn.

So fun fun fun!

More posts shortly. Oh I recently managed to finally understand scanning down sites! Managed to scan down a  worm hole last night that promptly collapsed. My thanks to one of my favourite Youtube EVE training persons Johnny Pew.  If you are new to the game you can not go far wrong watching him play and also some of his tutorial videos will be of great help.

Tip of the Day: If you get in a fight and they offer to leave you alone for money DO NOT PAY THEM. They will take your money and carry on killing you! YAY!

I will be updating my database this afternoon I think. Enjoy!

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