How not to get killed by gate camps

So one thing I used to do was basically go places to get stuff. I’d buy say a Warp Disrupter II or some kind of ship, wander into some star system singing a happy tune and low and behold, there on the gate were 5 ships with enough fire power to burn the toast at breakfast. This resulted in me locking targets, firing everything and still losing, because I only had a Velator, my efforts to run away were, ofcourse, fruitless due to the huge warp bubble that one of them had blown before I got there.

So here’s how to avoid this kind of situation.

Use the map.

The map is not just there to make you wet  yourself with shock when you see just how huge Eve Online is. It’s there to assist you. All you need to do is go into the menu, top left and you can set it to show places with kills in the last 24 hours.

You can see in this example my route is mapped onto the chart. You can see the brown circles that’s where there have been kills in the last 24 hours. If you click on it and it’s 1 ship the chances are it’s just a one off and could be someone fighting PVE who lost, probably ok to jump through. If you see RED, lots of RED steer well clear unless you are flying something with gazillions of DPS or you are in a fleet. Go round it.

Also never use autopilot in dodgy systems, if you see one kill, manually click on the JUMP button, you can see it in the top left box. The other thing to do is not to warp straight to the next gate but warp to a planet, of if you have set up jump bookmarks warp there. Going where people don’t expect can protect you.


The award for being naughty goes to me, I flew over to have a PVE session to find the camp was pretty much already killed off by another player, who was still there. So I hung around, he targeted me but didn’t fire. So I just hung there a while. Then he warped off.

So, I thought, oh look he’s left his drones. So I scooped them into my cargo bay. About 5 seconds later he turns up. I warped off to the station and hid. Then, I felt guilty so I tried to remember who he was but to no avail, so if you lost 2 Hobgoblin I’s last night, don’t be miffed, get in touch, I’ve got a pile of I’s that I don’t use (I use II’s and level II kit generally).

I’ve updated the database as well (yay!) to give some tabs linking to other popular websites as well. Click Here to give it a try.

Fly safe, and don’t leave your drones unattended.


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