Here I come, disrupting your range

Good morning Evesters, so I needed some ammo for my Brutix so I bought some in LOW SEC, went and picked it up and I’m still alive! Happy days! I did think I’d try some low sec PVE only to find that the jump gates “don’t like my kind of ship, it’s just too big”, which was really annoying. I think its discrimination.

Yesterday someone challenged me to a fight, but I was already warping to a Stargate, got there turned round went back and they just sat there. Nothing. Apparently they went for a coffee and were AFK. Screenshot 2016-05-12 07.36.01Just imagine  what would happen if you did that in your car on the motorway. “Sorry officer, I was AFK”.

So the eve forums have been awash with this new game “Stellaris”, it does sound like some kind of illness and it looks pretty similar to Eve. I’m not sure I’m going there to be honest, it’s been a long journey to get where I am in EVE (and that, to be honest is not very far). So I’m sticking with my Icelandic friends.

I can actually see myself going on some roams with the corp I joined “Vendolife”, my involvement up to now was one PVE session with the lads, basically I was doing great until one of them said “Jump through this gate”, “Which gate?” I said as about 60 pirates appeared, “Lads, Lads, come back”, they tried to get back but it was too late. Luckily they made a generous donation to my fighting fund to help me out :-).

I have discovered quite a nifty gadget I’m running on my Brutix. Called a Range Disruption Script fitted to a tracking disruptor (Disrupts the turret range and tracking speed of the target ship. This module can be loaded with scripts to increase its effectiveness in certain areas).  It disrupts the turret range and tracking speed of the target ship. Which, in effect is why I’m a lot less damage. Lovely!

So, here are a few pictures from yesterdays Pirate killings (how nice!), you’ll notice I’ve got the tactical on. It’s SO useful to see the range of your weapons in a proper display. The selected weapon is that Scoped Tracking Disruptor. Pretty huge. To add to that the range of my guns is now about 20KM so I stay at that far away, the smaller ships get hit before they get you yay!

Fly Safe


Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.02.58 Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.38.40 Screenshot 2016-05-11 12.47.49


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