Hello Universe.

Well here we are with my first report from Eve Online, I am a new pilot, well I’ve been around for about a month, which in Eve terms is new.

So far, I have wholesale jerseys managed to lose quite a lot of ISK in ships. In fact, I’m down to not a lot of money. I’ve joined an amazing corporation who are really helpful, but I really do need a lot more practice, hopefully as I go on I can pass on some of the things I’ve cheap nfl jerseys learned.

On my blog roll on the right you’ll see I’ve published my database, this is an eve database of “STUFF”, it’s pretty basic at the moment but might Servus be useful to someone.

So just to get you started….

Ship fitting 101

  1. Choose ship based on what you want to do
  2. Look at the information for the php see what you get bonuses for
  3. make sure you insure the ship
  4. set filters on the market search so you only buy things you can use and things the ship can use, incidentally, if you do a search a?o it doesn’t use the filters cheap nba jerseys (what a pain), so you are better browsing the menu


  1. Do not use auto pilot unless you want to die. It’s much quicker to wholesale jerseys China jump manually to each place, it’s easy to do as the destination is is highlighted in yellow. Don’t just click JUMP on the menu either, WARP to within 0KM and then Jump when you get closer to the gate, it’s a Week life and death situation sometimes.
  2. Scan ahead. Make sure there are no nasties by the gate, it can be most annoying.


  1. Make sure you don’t take a contract cheap jerseys for more than History you can carry
  2. Use a cloaking device
  3. DO NOT use auto pilot it is not fast enough (did I say that already?)
  4. If not using a freighter keep your shields up
  5. Use an NPC corporation
  6. Use a small ship to set a point outside so you can warp to it fast
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