Exploring Space

So I decided to wonder round Hi sec in a low cost ship. Basically because some group has declared war on the group I’m in, if I go round in anything exciting I get killed. So I’m flying around completely  unarmed because it’s pointless wasting good stuff on nothing.

One of the problems with the whole skill training thing is more mature players just wipe you out because you haven’ t got the skills required to have a ship with any power.

So you either spend a fortune of real money on skill injectors or just wait ages for the skills to train. How people have 2 or 3 alt characters I don’t know. I’m having enough trouble just keeping one going.

I would love, just once to kill another player.

Anyway, I did have fun doing my first wormhole yesterday. Despite the warnings it was unstable, I thought what the hell, I’ve got a cheap ship, I’ll just get sent home…yeeehhaawww.

Big thanks to Ranger Balk for all the help! 🙂

Todays image is a great space station! Looks like a church, that’s good because I’m praying for survival!


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