Executioner and Brutix go out to play

Well after yesterday’s post caused so much upset that I was mining with a Brutix I decided to take a couple of ships, my Executioner and the Brutix, refitted for battle to some PVE sites for a play date.

The executioner did quite well actually for such a small ship, however it’s blisteringly fast unlike the Brutix which seems to think I have nothing better to do that wait three weeks to get into warp, however the Brutix plus my HobGoblin II’s make quick meat of the pirates.

What I did find amusing though about yesterday’s post about the Brutix mining, was that some people were ACTUALLY OFFENDED that I was having fun with a ship that I owned, doing something I enjoy. Yes, it’s not the MOST efficient way of mining but it is quite nice to sit on deck watching the rocks float by.

So back to my execution of pirates. Actually the good thing about the executioner was the speed at which I could run away when things go too hot. The Brutix, she didn’t need to run, she just sat there like a great big fat whale pumping charges into the pirates and draining their power.

Not sure which I prefer.

I’m hoping to try some PVP again soon after my first complete disaster, but I think I need to train up some more stuff first. I’m only at most able to get about 400 DPS maximum, my training queue sits at

However, one thing I have learned is that all the ships pretty much balance out anyway when fitted properly. The key to Eve online is actually the pilots ability to plan his attacks and responses rather than randomly turning up with an Armageddon. (yup been there, done that, got the space suit).

Anyway here are a few pictures of my baby executioner … altogether….awwww.

2016. 2016.

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