EVE online now running on Linux Finally!

Well I’d been happily running linux on my big “super computer” at home but because of Eve I switched to Windows. I do have a few other linux boxes and in fact in my “day job”, I run clustered linux boxes, cloud servers, MYSQL clusters and all kinds of things.

So I was delighted to find this … https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=482663 which meant I could easily run eve without doing any faffing around with WINE or anything else! yay!

I did have to make sure I was running the latest graphics driver. But basically just downloaded the link, went into terminal, extracted it into a folder and ran

sh evelauncher.sh

After a bit of waiting low and behold I have a full eve client running on Linux! Ubuntu no less! Good job.

Anyway – back to my “Eve” life, I’m farming ore at the moment and it’s a bit of a bore and training up skills to make sure I have a good enough ship to fly with End of Life the corporation I’m in who are VERY busy with citadels and all kinds of nice things, but I’m embarrassed to say I can’t seem to get anywhere near them without being blown up.

I have been using probes and looking for wormholes with my scanning probes but to no avail. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but maybe not. It seems to be a lot of fiddling. I did find a gas site, a data site and other things but I’m looking for wormholes to play in for a while.

Soon I will venture back into low sec space and see how long I last.

Fly Safe o7



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