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dansmining and salvageGood morning Evesters. Well, I’ve been playing a new game in Eve. It’s called Dan’s mining and Salvage, look I even made a logo. Anyway so I have been mining with a Brutix battle cruiser with lots of expanded hold. It’s pretty fast to mine with it, how exciting! (Incidentally I can make logos etc for ISK or Paypal).

Yesterday I was on a salvage run in Low sec. I took some photos, basically my plan was to warp into a place, look for places where people have fights, warp 100km to it so I could see what was going on, cloak and wait, hoping that some gullible pilot would fly into the hornets nest and get killed, then I could get my 5 salvage drones, Samantha, Sarah, Sammy, Sonya and Mike to go and do a bit of salvaging to see what we could find.

Well I thought I’d take some photos as I went going to put them on the gallery shortly. Most of the time I turned up and nothing was going on, I just sat their cloaked, waiting for someone to have the fight so I could collect the loot. Lovely.


Anyway my plan today is to sit by a battle site and wait for something to happen because I’m pretty busy, there are some good low maintenance things to do in Eve where you basically don’t have a lot to do at all. But good things come to those who wait. (Petra).


So I thought I’d mention this guy’s video – it’s REALLY useful, I love the Armageddon ship simply because of the way it looks. This battle breakdown is great because he goes into the way he uses the fit and things that he could have done better etc. When I started playing EVE I mistakenly thought that the bigger and more powerful the ship the better, but this is just wrong, it’s actually more about how you utilise the skills you have. What kit you have fitted. For instance, an afterburner is better than a warp drive because an after burner works in a warp bubble. Useful to know.

Tomorrow I will talk a bit more about my Brutix Mining thing.

Fly Safe


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