Big bang Brutix

Well, cheeky! I was doing some serious PVE with Brutix against 3 battleships, I just about got to destroy them when some other cheeky wotsit turns up and starts attacking tipping the balance in their favour. But guess what, I don’t care. I don’t care about my Brutix that has gone to meet its maker.

After a while, getting blown up is, well, kinda fun, but I say that being a professional at being blown up. So I thought I’d try a different ship for a change so I’ve gone for a Thorax. It’s obviously designed around a male body part (say no more!, oooh matron!).

So my goal today is to go out and get this ship blown up. I know that sounds strange but I found that with the Brutix I would hang around in the station because I didn’t want to get blown up, then, I realised that actually everyone in game is FINE WITH BEING BLOWN UP, it happens it’s part of the game, part of the fun. It’s like buying a car, knowing that at some time in the not to distant future someone will crash into it.

So where did I go wrong with the PVE? Not evaluating my enemy because I was bored (I did actually go to this site earlier and did evaluate the enemy and did fly away!). Normally any single player unless you have a VERY VERY big thingy, would not attack 3 battleships with one Brutix. – yes I did try and run away but I was stuck with one of those disrupter thingamabobs.

What I did RIGHT though was as soon as I was blown up, I didn’t spend time crying but warped straight to a station, even with that nasty pirate (Andrew Vonund you know who you are) probably trying to get me. Sadly he got away and proceeded to wipe out a few other players.

Do check out the db I’ve been working on. Click Here basically it allows you to use a tree structure to browse through Eve’s stuff.

One day I will kill another player…. one day….

Anyway here’s some pictures from my travels.

Fly Safe

o7 Daniel Tissant

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Screenshot 2016-05-18 16.59.57

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