Trading for Profit

So ISK ISK ISK you can either buy it from CCP or earn it – some people like to shoot things for hours, but me, I like to do basic trading using Skill Injectors.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Find cheap Skill Injectors or anything else you can make a profit on, remember RISK carrying things across space is a risky business. When you leave a station even in High Sec you are immediately putting yourself at risk
  2. Enter price into spreadsheet
  3. Buy ONE (I never carry more than one!)
  4. Take it somewhere else where Skill Injectors are more expensive
  5. Create a Contract to Sell it for a profit

So I have a spreadsheet that calculates the profit based on what I can sell it for, don’t forget you don’t have to actually sell it there and then, if you take it to a station where there are two or three for sale less than the price you are selling, that’s ok – they will get sold and then yours is next on the list for someone to buy. Sometimes my skill injector sales take a week or two. But to give you an example on average I aim to about ISK 30000000 to 40000000.

Note – make sure you include the charges from the market in your spreadsheet! They will eat your profit margins!

Now before you all start hunting me down thinking I’m carrying them I use an ALT to do it and I only carry one at a time. I generally steer well clear of Jita because my poor corp gets war decced all the time.

Here’s my lovely Claw – this in my opinion is one pretty ship, the wings fold out and in when you dock and go in and out of warp.

I wondered if they did it in pink, but no.


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