The Implant that won’t Implant

So, I’m not into drugs, don’t get me wrong, they wreck lives. But in EVE they are a necessary part of flying internet spaceships. So I’ve got this implant I bought to increase the CPU so I can have more lovely things on the ship. But it won’t implant… there’s no plugin option!! Just to prove I’m not going mad here’s an image of the menu.

I’m probably going to raise a ticket with the people at CCP but it’s just interesting, because it was there last night, but when I went to plug it in I had to train up another skill which I’ve done. Bizarre.

So today I’m flying a Harbinger. Which is quite exciting, quite nice fun, waiting for some contracts to sell but I’m in no rush.

Not too much to report really I’ll let you know what happens with the “implant” problem because I’m missing out on juicy DPS and I don’t really want to take away from the ship’s structure to add more CPU when I can fit an implant I already have.


Fly Safe o7


Turns out I already had an implant in that socket…well how was I to know I don’t have that man USB ports?

GM Fivemag GM Fivemagics (EVE Online)

Feb 8, 14:07 UTC

Not a problem!

I am pleased we were able to sort that particular issue out painlessly! I can only hope all is well on your side again and I will close this ticket off for you. As always, should you have any other queries or concerns, please do not hesitate in letting us know. Fly safe out there!

Best Regards,
GM Fivemagics
CCP Customer Support | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

Paul Cleve P

Feb 8, 13:47 UTC

Aha you’re right thank you – i’ve already got one implanted! DOH!

Just need to get my CPU up 🙁

Please close the Ticket and thanks again

GM Fivemag GM Fivemagics (EVE Online)

Feb 8, 13:23 UTC

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us regarding an issue with your implant.

There are generally only two reasons I see when an issue like this occurs. The first is that a pilot will be training a skill which precludes the modification of implants or alternatively, an implant is already in the slot that the new implant requires. Could you please double check both of the above scenarios are not the cause of this for me?

Best Regards,
GM Fivemagics
CCP Customer Support | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

Paul Cleve P Feb 8, 08:03 UTC

Hi All!

I have an implant in my inventory that I’m trying to implant but it doesn’t have a “plug in” option.



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