oooo look what I made!

So just went into EVE into manufacturing and there it was, my brand new shiny mobile depot – got another one on the go. I used the claw to collect all the stuff because it’s so fast getting around, really fast, but if you can’t fly tech II ships there is a shuttle called a Leopard – it has no weapons and if you get shot at, you will die, fast, but they’d have to catch you first!

So my mobile depot is out in space somewhere in Eve, you can tell mine because it’s called

Leapord in Flight

www.eveblog.space 🙂

Making stuff was kind of satisfying. I did have to fly around a bit to get what I needed to build the depot. I’m just building another one.

I really like the Claw but it doesn’t have a lot of DPS even with the implants I have in. But that is more than made up by it’s speed. But the real attraction is the shiny wings that open out when you warp. Ah the joy of Tech II.

So I’ll pop another mobile depot out in an asteroid field for a bit of fun. Maybe I’ll do a bit of mining or something. Hmm.

Just one thing – considering I just built the mobile depot, it does look a bit dirty? Not the sort of thing I want to put out into space! I wonder if there is a space ship cleaning team?

Another thing I’ve been enjoying is seeing how many times I can post “Can I bring my drake?” on Facebook Eve forums.


Fly Safe o7








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