Lost Drones and a great big Asteroid.

So sometimes I go test out new ship fits on Rats in Asteroid fields, to get used to range and speed. Upon going into low sec I found this ENORMOUS asteroid. It’s HUGE. My ship is the teeny weeny little dot (it’s a Harbinger which is not the smallest ship in my fleet).

So anyway I’ve lost 5 Infiltrators, I’m sure I returned them to my drone bay, but they’ve gone this morning, if anyone sees them can you catch them and give them back please. Thanks.

Todays  featured picture is of a Minimitar control tower with a force field. I’m not 100% sure what one is supposed to do with this, but it looks pretty. In fact when I warped to it I was at the top and I thought it might have been a wormhole, but sadly it was just this control tower with a pile of weapons guarding it. I decided it looked pretty, but I think I’ll not fire on it because there were a LOT and I mean a LOT of guns sitting there waiting to completely wreck my poor ship.

For those that don’t know – this is a POS, player owned station. There’s no point me even trying to do anything to it (or with it) on my own as it’s got HUGE hit points. The sentry guns would simply destroy me before I even got near it.

Probably going to venture in to NULL for some PVP over the next few days. I dropped the price of one of my skill injectors because it wasn’t selling (boring I know).

Oh – have you watched any of those noob vids? I watched about 3 and in every one the people start talking back to the bots giving them instructions (who can’t hear them), you crazies!

Onwards and Upwards!

Fly Safe o7


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