Flying an Enyo today

Being that I’m Gallente  I found a little contract for a cheap Enya, see the picture when I was collecting skill injectors, yesterday’s sale got me a sweet 32494000 isk profit for doing virtually nothing except flying around with a skill injector. Now – I want to point out a few things to help selling.

  • Fly safe. If I am collecting a skill injector I go in a very cheap ship and I observe on the way who is in local, if there are a lot of pirates (or even one or two) I’m far more wary
  • Time of day is very important, I fly early in the morning UK time, why? Because at that point there are many less people in Eve so less chance of being attacked
  • I sell in  busy systems, but in only 2 or 3 stations where  there are not a lot of skill injectors for sale, increasing the chance of mine being sold quicker

Today I’ve got one that if I sell will make me 50074500 ISK profit.

Anyway back to my Enya, this is interesting because it’s the Gallente version of the Claw. So it has drones unlike the claw but is NOTHING like as pretty, it looks like a little beetle it doesn’t have flashy wings and really I would have expected something far prettier for a Gallente ship.

Have a great day folks. I’m hoping to get SOME time to go flying tomorrow evening.

My goal is to get to buying and selling a LOT of skill injectors, I’m thinking about basically buying them up and hoarding them then selling them say one at a time which will increase the local price and make more profit for me me me!

As you can see, I’m Gallente.

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